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Dark matter in the universe reported as confirmed

Scientists claim the existence of dark matter in the universe is confirmed

Dark energy confirmedAccording to the standard model of cosmology, dark matter accounts for almost 80% of the matter in the universe, conventional matter -visible stars and galaxies – make up 20% of the matter in the universe. In other words, we don´t know what is 80% of the matter, nor do we have any evidence for its existence.

Now, scientists claim that the dark matter skeleton in the universe has been observed for the first time. Dark matter is the thread connecting galaxy clusters. According to a report in nature (nature: Dark matter’s tendrils revealed), a direct measurement by gravitational lensing of a dark-matter ‘filament’ confirms its existence in a galaxy supercluster, Abell 222 and 223, measured by Jörg Dietrich, University of Michigan/University Observatory Munich and co-workers (see photo).  It revealed a dark matter filament as predicted by theory.

Gravitational lensing is based on Einstein´s general theory of relativity which says that mass affects the path of light. By measuring the light distortion and magnification of background galaxies the existence of dark matter was revealed.

A ‘finger’ of the Universe’s dark-matter skeleton, which ultimately dictates where galaxies form, has been observed for the first time. Researchers have directly detected a bridge of dark matter joining two clusters of galaxies, using a technique that could eventually help astrophysicists to understand the structure of the Universe and identify what makes up the mysterious invisible substance known as dark matter.

According to the standard model of cosmology, it is believed that soon after the big bang, regions that were slightly denser than others pulled in dark matter, which clumped together and eventually collapsed into flat ‘pancakes’. Clusters of galaxies then formed at the nodes of the cosmic web, where these filaments crossed.

Christian Schumacher

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