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    Are excess heat and isotope changes in e-cat LENR reactor real? Part 1

    A group of Swedish and Italian scientists published technical papers that seem to confirm excess heat in a low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) device called e-cat. The scientists found in the ash of the spent fuel dramatic isotope changes in nickel (Ni) and lithium (Li) without any harmful radiation. If this finding would be correct - LENR as transmutation of elements without radiation - it would turn our present knowledge of nuclear physics on its head- a scientific sensation.
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    World´s leading scientists hang on to global warming story, despite declining rate of temperature increase

    Climate change due to global warming continues to be a major threat for the world, according to the recently released IPCC report, the leading source for the assessment of climate change. Despite declining rate of temperature increase, the world´s leading climate scientists re-enforce warnings on global warming.
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