Global Innovation Index 2016: Switzerland is the most innovative country

Switzerland is the most innovative country, according to the Global Innovation Index 2016

For the sixth time in a row, The Global Innovation Index 2016 finds: Switzerland is again the country with the world’s highest innovation power. Switzerland (66.3 points) is followed by Sweden (63.6 points) and the UK (61.9 points). The United States (61.4) scores 4th and Germany (57.9) 10th. The report can be found here.

According to the study, 8 of the 10 most innovative countries worldwide are located in Europe. Europe has a highly developed infrastructure, strong business, a good education system and access to digital technologies, to name just a few examples. These are excellent starting conditions for successful innovations. Among the top 10 can be found only two non-European countries: the United States and Singapore.

Top 10 of most innovative countries, according to the Global Innovation Index 2016 (source: statistic).

The Global Innovation Index examines 128 economies worldwide, on the basis of 82 criteria covering a broad spectrum of topics.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) is built around key pillars:  Five input pillars capture elements of the national economy that enable innovative activities: (1) Institutions, (2) Human capital and research, (3) Infrastructure, (4) Market sophistication, and (5) Business sophistication. Two output pillars capture actual evidence of innovation outputs: (6) Knowledge and technology outputs and (7) Creative outputs.

More details on the methodology, advisory board and knowledge partners:


Christian Schumacher

Dr. Christian Schumacher is the founder and managing director of StepChange Innovations GmbH, a technology development and consulting firm based in Germany. He has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical industry with global players such as Hoechst AG and DyStar Textilfarben GmbH as head of R&D, senior regional business manager Asia Pacific, head of e-commerce, head of marketing services, new product development manager and R&D chemist.

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