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e-cat – The scientific basis – Why scientists question the e-cat

Is the e-cat real III. The scientific basis – Why scientists question the e-cat

In the previous report[1] I have reviewed the history of the e-cat. We received encouraging feedback (about 70% positive), including some well reputable and distinguished experts in the LENR community. Of course it wasn´t expected to get positive feedback from all sides.  We noticed that many people have a reflex that criticism of one particular technology (or company) would automatically translate to the whole field of LENR science. Notwithstanding, I want to point out very clearly that our previous analysis only related to the e-cat of Andrea Rossi, and does not in any way intend to question the seriousness and credibility of other people efforts. But of course there is a real risk that in the event of an epic failure such adverse repercussions would occur.

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