MIT professor has LENR device at 14 times energy gain

MIT professor has LENR device at 14 times energy gain

MIT professor Peter Hagelstein reportedly keeps running a LENR device since 6 months, and the device energy output is 14, compared with Rossi´s e-cat of  6.

The device is based on  nano technology to embed palladium in a zirconium matrix, in a revolutionary design. The device is called NANOR, created by Mitchell Swartz of JET Energy Inc. Prof. Hagelstein already revealed details of the device’s operation in a conference in Turin, Italy on May 4. A series of videos of the conference is now available on YouTube,  released a three-part video series (see sources below), and it indicates some exciting results.

Prof. Hagelstein says that the public is invited to take a look at the device in action.

Despite the very promising results, reportedly another prominent MIT physicist is pushing hard to obtain a research funding cut.

The new experimental device of the MIT scientists produces 14 times excess heat, far beyond anything that could be accounted for by a chemical reaction.

This is very significant because of the extent of the energy gain and because of the duration of the experiment. Most LENR experiments reported much less energy gains and many were difficult to reproduce. For summary of reported energy effects see presentation given at CERN in March 2012 by Celani.

We strongly believe there is  more credibility in the concept of  MIT professor Hagelstein compared to Mr Rossi´s e-cat. Rossi has never allowed independent third party scientific verification and the thermal balance of the e-cat reactor is not convincing either. According to LENR pioneer Edmond Storms,  “no evidence supports the implausible claims” of Mr. Rossi´s process description (see Storms paper).

Another alternative concept claiming extraordinary high energy gains is under evaluation at Defkalion, Greece, former partner of Mr. Rossi, even claiming even 25 times of energy gains, however also unverified.

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