Solar Flares hit the Earth in its 11 year peak cycle

Solar Flares hit the Earth in 2013, in its 11 year peak cycle

solar flares
Solar flares

Solar flares are predicted to peak in 2013, in its 11-year cycle. Solar eruptions occur routinely and do not reportedly cause harm to humans but could in worst case bring on the end of the world as we know it if a major solar flare would hit the Earth and take out our over-burdened and antiquated power grid.

In the post Maya calendar hype, will there be a mild chance for 2013 apocalypse or is the doomsday scenario once again over-hyped? Although most experts agree that a massive solar flare could seriously damage the power grid and adversely affect our electricity-dependent culture. But there is disagreement among experts about the likelihood of an immense solar flare flexing its power directly towards the Earth.

According to Seton Hall University professor Jose Lopez “a massive solar flare could cause as much as 2 trillion USD worth of damage….. the possibility that such a sun burst could hit Earth and could cause extensive damage as it would charge-up our electrical equipment and destroy them. The ramped up solar activity is to be expected through 2013, as it is the peak of the sun’s current 11-year cycle.”

As the sun prepares to hit its 11-year cycle peak, both scientists and common folk concerned about the consequences of a maximum solar flare are becoming more vocal.

NASA reported just last week that a solar flare is traveling to Earth at a speed of about 600 kilometers per second and could cause weather phenomenon known as ‘geomagnetic storm.’
on Earth in the next days.
However, according to astronomers, it is unlikely that the expected  geomagnetic storm will affect electrical systems or telecommunications systems.

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