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Waiting for the smoking gun in the e-cat

When the e-cat ship hits the rock

Is the e-cat the biggest invention of the century or a bold hoax ?  While supporters still believe in the words of their guru Andrea Rossi for a near solution for all the world´s energy problems, some opponents don´t quite buy the story – people like Gary Wright. His website announced some smoking guns to discredit the e-cat ultimately as a hoax. He calls to “to bring people´s attention to the e-cat farce” and  “not to invest in one of Mr Rossi´s e-cats or license to sell e-cats. “

Mr. Wright claims that Andrea Rossi is planning to keep on running the e-cat farce indefinitely without actually selling any actual products.

In the website shutdownrossi, Mr Wright has announced the publication of videos, licence and  non disclosure agreements and critical e-mails. The videos were reportedly taken at Mr. Rossi’s E-Cat factory in Italy in February 2012. However, we are still waiting to see what is the smoking gun – details have not yet been uploaded.

But interestingly, the website has already published a copy of the license agreement for sales and distribution for the Indian subcontinent. It is revealed in this contract the price for the e-cat is 1.2 mio USD and that Rossi requests a payment of 400.000 USD payment with the order of a 1 MW e-cat (see Rossi contract agreement). This ends the myth that Mr Rossi would not ask for any money before the e-cat is actually supplied and proven operative– a strong argument by many supporters – is proven wrong and is now history. We maintain our viewpoint to request independent 3rd party verification of the technology. Every potential investor should remain very cautious and request some kind of credible securities before making any payments.

Gary Wright also published an open letter to involved scientists to withdraw their support.

His name is also associated with the website  opensourcelenr. We certainly appreciate the endeavour to discuss scientific progress in public by real scientists and not scam artists.


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About the author :  Dr. Christian Schumacher is the founder and managing director of StepChange Innovations GmbH. He has 20 years of experience in the chemical industry with global players such as Hoechst AG and DyStar Textilfarben GmbH as head of R&D, senior regional business manager Asia Pacific, head of e-commerce, head of marketing services, new product development manager and R&D chemist.

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One Response to Waiting for the smoking gun in the e-cat

  • cschumacherNo Gravatar says:

    Most Rossi supportive blogs and commentators have reacted in a hostile manner and have rejected quickly, and we believe prematurely, the analysis of Gary Wright, at a stage when no supporting documents had yet been uploaded. Now, since most of the e-mail have been uploaded, what is the new information we have gathered from this ?
    The customer group represented by “Robert K.” has tried to conduct a due diligence asking very legitimate questions as a part of normal business practices. When requesting certain documents the e-cat distribution network has refused to provide basic business documents to verify the identity and authority of the seller. They also failed to allow a technical verification of the product that they were going to sell, and failed to give the contact of even a single user who could verify the e-cat in operation. This alone is very suspicious.
    More specifically, the points according to Gary Wright are
    - no sales ever to the military, since all bigger purchases by the military would have be made public, and there is no record of any transaction of Mr Rossi´s company with the military
    - lack of certification, and interestingly, due to missing standards not even applied for certifications (
    - conflicting statements where the 1MW e-cat are manufactured, whether this USA or Italy, questioning there is any factory at all
    - nobody has ever seen a 1MW e-cat of the units sold in operation, therefore no testimonials
    - no 1MW E-cat has ever sold, in contrast to the statements given since November 2011 (, see e-mail #37).
    - unethical business practices in regard to the meaning of exclusivity for licences
    Gary Wright has provided some good leads, these would need to be supported selectively by further evidence and more explanations. But the issues should be taken serious. It would be certainly unwise to ignore the analysis just because one may disagree with the style or contents. Every potential client of a licence or 1MW e-cat is advised to take a proper due diligence.
    On the other hand, if untrue, some of the points could also be easily countered by the Rossi network, for example provide a copy of the certification or respective applications. According to Mr Rossi´s distribution network, the certification for the EU has already been approved in the meantime. So there must be a document confirming this. We are waiting for this. It should also be possible to get at least one testimonial of a buyer and have an independent 3rd party verification report.

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